Who are we? 

Organic Nutrition Limited is a specialized organization dedicated to research, formulation, processing and marketing of organic, Non-GMO, functional food/ health food products in Bangladesh and global market.

Our Story

Organic Nutrition Limited started it’s journey in the year 2016. During the early days, the company was mainly involved in research and development. A group of long experienced food scientists, micro-biologists and nutritionists engaged themselves in these scientific activities. Late in the year 2020, we launched our first formulated functional food. Since then, Organic Nutrition Ltd. has introduced several food products which help to maintain and sustain good health. Our motivation is to serve people by promoting their health and wellbeing using scientifically proved safe and effective functional food products.


Develop and provide the highest quality science based health food products through novel technology.


To help people stay fit, healthy and
• Function Better
• Feel Better
• Live Longer with Peace

Our decisions, priorities and actions are based on our core values.

Our Pillar

Our pillar is the latest scientific findings of different research organizations and universities on functional foods for better health.

Our Strength

The Team:A team of long-experienced food scientists develop all the products based on international and local law, regulations and guidelines. Another team of food experts, nutritionists, biochemists, microbiologists oversee all scientific activities and testing of all raw ingredients and finished products.

Novel Technology: Advanced novel processing methods and dehydration technologies are followed to ensure that our ingredients retain their maximum level of potency. Then they are coarsely ground at low temperatures to preserve the matrix of the bioactive molecules.

Ingredients: Raw materials are organic certified and collected form authentic sources of different country.

Efficacy of Product: Quality & quantity of bio-active components in formulation are strictly maintained. So, the result is the highest quality and most effective products.

Our Services

Dedicated Nutritionist Support: A team of long-experienced nutritionists are engaged 24/7 through online to provide nutrition counseling that’s personalized, thorough and supportive. Each one of our virtual nutritionists and dietitians has his or her own areas of specialization, enabling you to receive help that’s tailored to your specific nutrition and health needs.

Organic Nutrition Limited 
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