6 Nutritional Benefits Of Organic Food

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Nutritional Benefits Of Organic Food

Organic farming is a method of farming that differs from conventional farming, which relies primarily on the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming has the potential to feed the globe, especially in developing nations. Organic farming has a lot of advantages, like less energy use, less greenhouse gas emissions, better soil fertility, and better nutrition.
The relation between organic farming and food nutritional value is becoming more
popular. Researchers have found that organic farming has numerous health benefits, including these:

Beneficial for Mother and Baby

Organic farming does not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. All these harmful chemicals play a role in creating cancer in the body.

A report published in 2016 by the European Parliament entitled “Human Health Implications of Organic Food and Organic Agriculture” states that just as pesticide residues are harmful to the pregnant mother, It also impedes the mental development of the baby by impeding the growth of fetal NEUROCELL (Gray matter). The long-term benefits of eating organic food is that the body's immune system is healthier and more efficient.

Keeps the Body Free from Oxidative Stress

Various studies have shown that organic foods are rich in more powerful antioxidants. All these foods are cultivated in soils with organic manure, so they play a role in eliminating toxins from the body. Consumption of organic fruits and vegetables increases the amount of antioxidants in the body by 20% -40%. This antioxidant helps to destroy excess free radicals and keeps the body free from oxidative stress.

Keeps Free from Radiation

Organic foods are free from radiation. Irradiation results in changes in macronutrients and micronutrients in diet, which contribute to the formation of free-radicals. This can lead to various health risks due to increased oxidative stress.

Antibiotics Free

Large amounts of uncontrolled use of antibiotics on Livestock are currently creating antibiotic resistance that is spreading from animals to humans as a threat. Organic Livestock contains very few antibiotics, pathogens or growth hormones.

Food Additives Free

Organic foods are free from various food additives such as artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, etc., which is conducive to good health.

Keeps Free from Excess Physical Complications

Research from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has found that GMO food disrupts the normal functioning of the digestive system and immune system. Since the use of GMO Seed in organic farming is strictly prohibited, we can be free from these additional physical complications by eating organic food.


In conclusion, all the farmers, workers and consumers involved in organic farming live a healthy life, especially as part of a well-organized eco-system.

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