Everything About Multi Flower Black Honey

April 09, 2022

Everything About Multi Flower Black Honey

We know that honey is a unique gift of nature. In ancient times people used honey as the main sweet food. However, the use of honey in disease prevention and health protection is not new. The use of honey has been widespread and well-established in Asian medicine for thousands of years. The role of honey in healing is also specially mentioned in the Holy Qur'an.

We all know the health benefits of honey. But many of us may not know the difference in the benefits of this type of honey or even if we know it is not taken seriously.

Bee species, in addition to plant diversity, are closely related to space, time and environment for its sweet taste, smell, density and quality. For example, honey produced from nectar derived from the same type of flower, known as mono-flower honey, differs greatly from honey collected from many types of flowers.

All About Black Honey

There is a special type of honey known as Multi Flower Black Honey. This type of honey is made from the black nectar special species of plants such as Melianthus comosus, Acacia ataxacantha etc. The source of this honey is black as the nectar of the flower is black. Its aroma is quite intense, and there is a uniqueness in the taste, which does not match with the conventional honey.

Also black honey is usually dense. This is because the amount of water in this honey is less than that of conventional honey. This bee removes excess water from that part of the hive, that is, the part in which the bee, by its innate ability, removes excess honey and seals the honeycomb; So that honey can no longer be wasted and they can eat when needed. This multiflower black honey is not only different in taste, smell or concentration; Also unique in beneficial role. Studies have shown that Black Nectar is rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and beneficial herbal ingredients, as well as honey.

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